Arranging a Funeral

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to arrange a Funeral, we will call to your home and make all the necessary arrangements in your own familiar surroundings if you wish or, alternatively, we can meet with you in any of our six locations across Dublin and Kildare. We will gather all of the necessary information at our initial meeting and arrange every detail from start to finish on your behalf, after speaking with us there will be nothing at all which you need to do and we will assure you of peace of mind regarding your chosen arrangements. We specialise in Removals and Funerals direct from your home if required

Arranging a Funeral Step by Step

We advise on both options of burial and cremation and religious funeral services or civil funeral services.

We liaise with hospitals, nursing homes and medical personnel to arrange for the completion of the Death Notification Form, the Cremation Forms and the release of your loved on into our care.

We arrange bookings with clergy, churches, cemeteries and crematoria.

We arrange for the necessary care of the deceased person.

We advise on suitable coffin selection from our extensive range.

We arrange for your loved one's ashes to be transferred into a beautiful urn from our exclusive range of urns.

We arrange for the drafting and publication of death notices as required.

We provide the necessary funeral vehicles required whether it’s from our fleet of Mercedes vehicles or our horse drawn fleet when catering for horse drawn funerals.

We arrange your chosen flowers.

We arrange the necessary music and hymn selection for the funeral service.

We provide condolence books for signing at the funeral home, residence, church or crematorium.

We provide a written estimate of funeral costs at the time of making arrangements.

We advise on eligilability regarding bereavement grants and provide advice on how to obtain the necessary death certificates.

We provide a complete repatriation service to and from Ireland.

We provide a quality monumental service covering all cemeteries with an extensive range of headstones and monuments.

We provide a complete advanced funeral planning service throughout all of our six locations across Dublin and Kildare.